Our movie box offers:

Access to all the NEW movies for FREE while they are still at the theaters

Watch movie trailers for movies that will be released in next 6 months

FREE Live TV from multiple networks

Every single Network TV show since 1968 for FREE

FREE Pay-Per-View

FREE Education up to a PhD in every curriculum

FREE Education podcasts for children & adults

Teaches 48 languages including sign language for FREE

Live city viewing (Watch different countries/cities live from your own couch.) for FREE


Device Specifications:

Can use as a computer and attach a printer via USB

Comes with 4 USB slots & 2 SD Card Slots

Featured Apps: Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, Google Chrome, Google Play Store

48 Languages Available

Comes with: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu



The only box with 4K Movies

Top of the line programming

State of the art graphics

All movies categorized in one place


Comes with:

Handheld Keyboard

Master Remote Control


Media Package: Includes Media Box, Remote, Keyboard & Mouse

Who is your sales representative?
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    This protects you from any manufacterer defects.

    Repair or Exchange only. (No Refunds)

    FREE Email Tech Support 


    Tech Support

    Remote tech support available for pruduct use, questions.

    $4.99 per session phone support

    $2.99 additional for online remote access to your box

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