Our movie box offers:

Access to all the NEW movies for FREE while they are still at the theaters

Watch movie trailers for movies that will be released in next 6 months

FREE Live TV from multiple networks

Every single Network TV show since 1968 for FREE

FREE Pay-Per-View

FREE Education up to a PhD in every curriculum

FREE Education podcasts for children & adults

Teaches 48 languages including sign language for FREE

Live city viewing (Watch different countries/cities live from your own couch.) for FREE

Device Specifications:

Can use as a computer and attach a printer via USB

Comes with 4 USB slots & 2 SD Card Slots

Featured Apps: Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, Google Chrome, Google Play Store

48 Languages Available

Comes with: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu



The only box with 4K Movies

Top of the line programming

State of the art graphics

All movies categorized in one place


Comes with:

Master Remote Control

Power Cord

HDMI Cable


Media Box & Remote Only

Who is your sales representative?
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on NDM Box

    This protects you from any manufacterer defects.

    Repair or Exchange only. (No Refunds)

    FREE Email Tech Support 


    Tech Support

    Remote tech support available for pruduct use, questions.

    $4.99 per session phone support

    $2.99 additional for online remote access to your box

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